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Are you dreaming of becoming the owner of an authentic Swiss watch or would you like to buy watch as a luxurious gift for your buddies and loved ones? The Watch Center Premium offers a wide selection of genuine top-quality items. We do not sell replicas and analogs.

Where to buy watches of impeccable quality

Do you want to buy an original Swiss watch but the price offered by manufacturers and shops is too high? Original high-quality products cannot be cheap, however, they can be found at an affordable cost. For example, you can buy used watch at our company. Believe it, such a purchase has a lot of advantages.

Buying a product made in Switzerland is always a good choice. This means that you understand timepieces, value exclusivity, are selective in your choice, and are ready to demonstrate respectability and good taste. The largest share of rare and exclusive watch models are produced by Swiss watchmakers. And our catalog contains both well-known brands and rare and especially valuable collectible items.


You can buy genuine Swiss watches only in a trusted place since today the market is overcrowded with lots of high-quality fakes and copies of well-known brands. Protect yourself from poor-quality purchases and contact us. For your convenience we suggest you select and buy watch online. Using our online catalog you can choose the model you are interested in, get detailed information about it and make a purchase. Our watch experts would be pleased to help you choosing the right timepiece for you.

Advantageous terms to buy used watches

Our Watch Center offers to buy pre-owned Swiss watches that have passed a thorough check for originality and technical condition. We redeem items from wealthy people, fine watchmaking connoisseurs, watch collectors, and all those who value ultra-complicated Swiss movements. Therefore we can guarantee the quality of any item placed in the catalog. Each product offered for sale undergoes a thorough assessment and verification of documents for authenticity. We offer:

  • wristwatches, both for men and women;

  • 100% original products;

  • a wide range of brands and models;

  • rare items that are quite hard to find in the stores.

Moreover, among other places where to buy watches, we offer an adequate product price. This is a real chance to buy an expensive item affordably. We carefully select each model ensuring 100% quality and authenticity, as well as a safe purchase. We get flawless models, both from a technical and aesthetic point of view. We value the uniqueness of Swiss watches and we value our customers, therefore we offer only the best.